McMaster and Susan Rice May Be Leading a Deep State Coup

In the wake of the resignation of General Michael Flynn, President Trump appointed a new National Security Adviser, H.R. McMaster.
Since that time, McMaster has proven himself to be anything but loyal to the president who appointed him, and to the American people.

McMaster’s actions, words, Deep State connections, and motives have become apparently anti-Trump, and have revealed the true nature of this man to be a traitor to the country and a danger to the people.

When appointing McMaster, President Trump was unaware of his disturbing relationship with Susan Rice, Obama’s former National Security Adviser, who was thoroughly disgraced after her involvement in unmasking members of Trump’s team during the election.

In fact, McMaster had written a letter to Rice in April, promising her continued access to classified information, and retroactively attempting to negate any crimes she committed up to that point, by waiving certain requirements on her previous clearance.

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McMaster has also let it be known that he doesn’t believe Rice did anything wrong, and has defended and shielded her against accusations of wrongdoing in the unmasking case, as well as other areas.

Interestingly enough, McMaster seems far more focused on purging the White House of the staff belonging to his predecessor, General Flynn, than he is in rooting out real problems, such as leakers and Democrat hold-overs.

Since his appointment to the position of National Security Adviser, McMaster has made several controversial statements and decisions, most notably focused on his strong anti-Israel policies, which border on anti-semitic.

McMaster routinely refers to Israel as the “occupying power” and insists that Palestine was a nation destroyed by the Jews, during the foundation of modern day Israel.

When looking at the staff McMaster has purged, a disturbing pattern emerges: he appears to be firing any and all pro-Israel staff members of the National Security Council, who are also opposed to the “Iran Nuclear Deal” policy, which was set in motion by Barack Obama.

Derek Harvey, Rich Higgins, and the most recent fired staffer, Ezra Cohen-Watnick, are all “pro-Israel and oppose the Iran nuclear deal, positions which Trump holds,” according to Jerusalem Post writer Caroline Glick.

In a final piece of damning evidence, McMaster was endorsed and backed up by none other than John McCain, an American traitor himself.

Given his recent actions and words, there is little doubt that President Trump must fire McMaster immediately, and replace him with someone who holds the same values and goals as the Trump administration.

Allowing a Deep State loyalist like McMaster, who is proven to be untrustworthy to the highest degree, to continue to have a presence in the administration will be catastrophic in the long run; while Trump is in the process of “cleaning house” on staff, he needs to put McMaster at the top of the list to be “swept out” with the rest of the trash…

H/T – PatriotBeat

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