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Massive SURGE of Illegals at Border Claiming They Want to “GET IN” Before Trump Takes Office

Border patrol agents see a YUGE surge in illegal crossings over the Southern Border, trying to make it in before Trump takes office.

Agents say there is a 30% increase in people illegally crossing over.

November 2015 was even busier than the summer of 2014 when illegals crossing over was at its peak.

From Wall Street Journal:

Central Americans are crossing illegally into the U.S. at the fastest rate in years, many of them hoping to sneak in before Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration and the heightened border-security measures he has promised.

The U.S. Border Patrol apprehended 47,214 migrants along the southwest U.S. border in November, an increase of 44% compared with November 2015. It was the Border Patrol’s busiest month since June of

It was the Border Patrol’s busiest month since June of 2014, when illegal entries from Central America were cresting. Over the past six months, Border Patrol agents have caught nearly 240,000 migrants, an average of more than 1,300 a day—30% more than the same period a year earlier.

“Some migrants have talked about how President Trump is going to seal off the border,” said Mr. Villareal. “There’s definitely a percentage of folks who believed that they can beat the clock” by reaching the U.S. before the new president takes office.

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