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Look How Many SHOOTINGS Chicago Had Over Labor Day. It’s BAD!

Rahm Emanuel is going for “Gun Violence GOLD” in his city.

Every holiday weekend seems bloodier and more deadly than the last.

This Labor Day weekend, Chicago has had 30 shootings.

30 shooting in a city which has the most strict gun control laws in the country, what’s that say for gun control exactly?

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So, what is Rahm Emanuel doing about it?

Why, he’s setting up welfare programs for illegals and refugees, of course.

From Daily Caller

The city of Chicago saw 30 people shot between Friday and Monday morning, with four fatalities and 26 casualties in hospitals around the city.

Chicago’s notorious gun violence has brought the city at least 435 deaths in 2017, ABC 7 Chicago reported Monday. Disturbing violence has marred several other holiday weekends this year, including Independence DayMemorial Day, and Father’s Day, which each saw more than 50 shootings.

Despite the grim numbers, Labor Day weekend has seen fewer total fatalities than the previous weekend, which saw seven people shot and killed. This weekend’s fatalities were Jeremy Tang, 20, and Felipe Batista Jr., 26, who were each found dead by police Sunday, as well as James McChristian, 26, who died Saturday. The fourth victim died in the hospital Saturday and his name and age have not been released.

In 2016, nine people were shot on Labor Day alone in Chicago. If the numbers hold, however, this weekend will have been far less dangerous than last year’s, which saw 13 killed and 52 wounded.

Chicago has been focused on preparing for weekends by getting guns off the streets by Fridays with weekday raids. Police conducted raids before Memorial Day weekend that netted 49 weapons, but the holiday weekend still saw 52 people shot.

“Our focus this year was increased visibility, first and foremost, and really trying to prevent problems before started, so proactive targeted enforcement,” Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi told the Chicago Tribune. “Our objective was to get them off the streets, so there wouldn’t be conflicts over the weekends.”

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