LOL : Trump Supporters React to the MASSIVE #Resistance Defeat in Georgia

On Tuesday night, the Trump #Resistance took a major hit when they lost the much ballyhooed Georgia special election.

Awkward millennial, Jon Ossoff, the supposed Democrat “wonder boy” who didn’t even live in the district he was trying to represent, took a beating from his experienced conservative¬†opponent, Karen Handel.

The Democrats placed all their eggs in the 6th district basket, hauling in over $30 million, and a barrage of celebrity endorsements, calling the 6th a “referendum” on President Trump and the place where they’d launch their epic “2018 comeback.”

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That didn’t happen.

Instead, they got dealt yet another epic LOSS.

The so-called #Resistance is 0-4 in “special elections.”

Trump supporters took to Twitter to celebrate the victory, which wouldn’t have happened without President Trump.





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