LOL : GOP Trolls Obama on his Birthday and it is EPIC!

While the liberal media and left-wing celebrities were busy kissing up to Obama on his birthday, the GOP decided to dole out a “birthday spanking” to the former President, and it was truly epic.

Barack Obama, who turned 56 yesterday, was given his usual treatment by Hollywood celebs, athletes, the entire media, and a horde of liberal snowflakes: they fawned over him, just like they did when he was still in office.

However, the GOP used their official Twitter account to take a good-natured dig at Obama, and made sure to remind him of the 1 million new jobs President Trump had created in his first 6 months in office.

They also made sure to mention the fact that unemployment is at an all time low, something which hasn’t been seen in 16 years.

Talk about a way to celebrate, huh!?


  1. Rhonda K.
    • Joseph C Ramos