LOL : CNN Brutally MOCKED Online for “SAD FACES” After Ossoff Loss

Ya gotta love the clowns over at CNN, watching them giving election returns last night reminded us of the 2016 election night, with those “deer caught in the headlights” faces and sad, puppy dog eyes.

During last night’s Georgia special election, the Trump #Resistance was supposed to pull off a major victory and steal the 6th district seat out from under the Republicans.

However, that didn’t happen.

Instead, the Trump #Resistance was clobbered and rendered even more insignificant than we all imagined.

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During the broadcast, CNN couldn’t hold back their sadness at another “Trump victory,” and sat at their desks looking like someone just stole their candy.

Twitter users noticed and slammed the fake news crew for wearing their BIAS on their face.


H/T – Breitbart

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