Liberal Rag Wonders if U.S. Should Shoot Down N.K. Missiles in Self Defense

Talk about a new level of left-wing stupidity…

We all know that the mainstream media has a liberal bias, but The Associated Press has managed to outdo even the most prominent in fake news peddlers with their recent piece.

In a display of sheer foolishness, the Associated Press posed the question, “If North Korea sent missiles toward Guam or the US, could the US missile defense system shoot them down? Should it?”


Just what in the hell are they implying, that we should let nuclear tipped missiles strike our mainland or our territories?

What could possibly be the reasoning behind allowing North Korean missiles to hit us?

Why on earth would we NOT shoot them down, given the opportunity?

Keep in mind, people are PAID to write this kind of crap…

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  1. Jeffrey Weingarten