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LIBERAL FASCISM – Crowdfunding Site Patreon is BANNING Conservatives

As social media has gravitated more towards a political and news-based phenomenon, the rise of the “citizen journalist” and even politically-themed artists, gamers, and speakers has been a fascinating thing to observe.

Now, anyone with a camera, internet connection, and a passion for speaking their mind can broadcast their thoughts, opinions, and message to millions of people across the world.

Some people have even made lucrative careers using their online social media appearances; from podcasts, Youtube channels, and on-the-street citizen journalism, the sky has been the limit.

Others are simply looking for a way to continue to get their message out, and aren’t looking to make a profit, but rather, merely make enough through donations to keep their platform afloat.

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The ability to quickly generate money for original internet content lead to the creation of crowd funding websites, such as Patreon and GoFundMe, which have allowed users to easily get money in the form of donations.

Naturally, there have been some instances of abuse, but until recently, these services have played an instrumental role in helping the average American citizen to find success and build their platform in the realm of politics, journalism, and other avenues.

In a way, the rise of crowd funding stripped power and influence from the mainstream media, putting it into the hands of everyday citizens.

The problem was, it was mostly conservatives who were able to use this feature to get their voices heard, which was something that the liberal media (and the left in general) realized quickly that they needed to stop.

The first major case of crowdfunding platforms showing their liberal bias and censoring conservatives is the case of popular conservative artist and Trump supporter Emily Youcis.

Emily was also unfairly fired from her job as a well known pistachio saleswoman at the Philadelphia Phillies’ stadium, Citizens Bank Park, simply for being an outspoken Trump supporter with unique views.

Emily is a truly amazing artist, and has gained a huge following based on skill and reputation alone, but Patreon arbitrarily deemed her artwork to be “hate speech” and banned her from using the website.

In the process of doing so, they initially refused to return over $2,000 dollars which Emily had rightfully earned through her hard work and talent.

Unfortunately, this was not the last time such a blatant and biased attack on freedom of speech, and conservatism itself, would occur at the hands of Patreon.

Since banning Emily, Patreon has deemed several other conservatives as “hateful,” including Lauren Southern, Baked Alaska, and many more.

Recently, Patreon send popular journalist and speaker Lauren Southern a notice, telling her that her activity was “likely to cause loss of life,” and informed her that they had removed her ability to use their site for crowdfunding.

Southern has had no violent imagery, or ever at any time urged anything that could potentially cause harm or loss of life, and Patreon didn’t bother to elaborate on just what she’d done to incur this decision; it merely stemmed from her being a popular conservative figure.

The most alarming and infuriating thing is not just the fact that conservatives have been so blatantly targeted and abused by Patreon, but that the platform continues to allow a multitude of extremely violent organizations, such as Antifa, operate unchecked.

Antifa openly promotes and calls for violence against conservatives of any form, yet, Patreon certainly doesn’t seem to have a problem with allowing them to use their platform.

It also doesn’t mind allowing other militant left-wing organizations and open racists, such as several Black Lives Matter affiliates, use their platform either.

The brazen hypocrisy and double standards of Patreon is unbelievable, and it’s just another example of the bias that conservatives and any right wing organizations must face.

Rather than attempt to stay neutral, more and more social media outlets are following suit, and refusing to allow anyone who speaks for the right to collect money for their content.

It’s just one more way that the forces of radical leftism seek to silence any opposition or dissent, and anyone who refuses to preach the left’s sacred and twisted ideology runs the risk of having their accounts shut down without warning or explanation.

As the mainstream media continues to lose steam, and is quickly becoming eclipsed by the rise of the citizen journalist and smaller news outlets, the struggle between the left and the right is heating up.

The left is desperate to control the narrative, because they lack content and substance, and are unable to resonate with the people and generate excitement in their message; the result, sadly, is that they will stop at nothing to silence the voices of any conservative with a large outreach.

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