“Last Man Standing” is About to get SWEET REVENGE on ABC

Progressive broadcasters ABC canceled the last conservative show in their lineup, despite GREAT ratings.


Because like all good little liberals, they’re hell-bent on silencing any voice or beliefs that don’t gel with their twisted and failed political religion.

The good news is that CMT is in negotiations now to pick up the show.

From Heat Street

Tim Allen’s hit show Last Man Standing is still searching for a new home .

ABC canceled the family show in May after six seasons even though it was the struggling network’s second-watched comedy and had achieved consistently high ratings.

Many therefore suspect the decision was made partly because Allen, the star of Last Man Standing, is a high-profile conservative and plays a right-of-center character on the show. In the weeks prior to the cancellation, Allen had attended Donald Trump’s inauguration and described the feeling of being on the political right: “You get beat up if you don’t believe what everybody else believes. This is like ’30s Germany.”

Now Country Music Television (CMT), owned by Viacom, is in negotiations to pick up Last Man Standing. CMT already syndicates re-runs of the show.

Last year CMT reached an agreement to air another canceled ABC series, drama Nashville, with the help of Hulu, which shared the cost in exchange for next-day streaming rights.

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