KNOCKOUT! Hannity Destroys Coward Chaz Bono in Twitter War

Liberal nut-job Chaz Bono has been making quite a fool of himself online.

Most recently, he got humiliated on Twitter after complaining to California Governor Jerry Brown about his “Housekeeper’s helper” being arrested by ICE.

Chaz has also been name-calling conservatives and stereotyping all Trump voters as horrible people. He made a mistake, however, when he picked a fight with popular Fox host Sean Hannity.

Hannity was quick to respond and exposed Chaz as “just ignorant.”

Sean then pointed out the ridiculous hypocrisy of “liberal” Chaz who is in reality the opposite of “tolerant” and “inclusive.”

He even gave Chaz an opportunity to fully express his opinions on the Hannity show in a debate. Sean also accurately called Chaz “dumber than dirt.”

Chaz responded with cowardice.

Sean got the last word and called out Chaz’s “Hollywood B.S.” and reminded him he’s basically accomplished nothing in his career.

WINNER? Hannity.


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