Katrina Pierson Just Exposed DW Schultz and the DNC as Dishonest Sore Losers!

Katrina Pierson laid down some serious truth during her latest Fox News appearance with Howie Kurtz.

When asked about Mueller’s Russia investigation and why President Trump considers it a phony witch hunt, Katrina responded:

There has been no evidence found. Even Democrats are saying we have no evidence…It’s a fabricated story because look at where it’s origins came from. We are talking about the LOSING TEAM, the DNC, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the left, they lost the election, they claim their server was hacked and it was leaked to Wikileaks. To this day, we have not seen the server, there has been no evidence put forth that this actually happened…and yet this is a story and a narrative and an investigation based upon an allegation from the losing team.

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