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JUST IN : Border Wall Construction Set to Start EARLIER Than Expected!

Trump’s biggest promise on the campaign trail was a border wall between us and Mexico.

It’s going to happen, whether Democrats like it or not, and it may be going up sooner than anyone thought.

Now, with funding approved for the wall, construction may start as early as January 2018.

That’s great news!

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From Chicks on the Right

In fact, Republican lawmakers proposed a Homeland Security funding bill last week, and it includes $1.6 billion for the construction of the border wall. (Hopefully, the sun or Mexico will end up paying for it. We’ll see. Hehe.)

We’ve heard that DHS is planning to begin the construction of four to eight wall prototypes in San Diego this September, but there’s even MORE good news.

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection is working alongside private contractors to prepare to build a segment of the wall through the Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge in Texas, and it could begin going up as early as January 2018. Happy New Year!

A spokesperson for CBP, Carlos Diaz, acknowledged that there have been preliminary meetings for projects designated in Trump’s 2017-18 budget request.

“CBP has prioritized 28 miles of new levee wall system in Rio Grande Valley, 32 new miles of border wall system in the Rio Grande Valley, and 14 miles of replacement secondary barrier in San Diego,” Diaz wrote in an email.



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