Joe Biden Defends ANTIFA

While President Trump commented that “many sides” led to violence in Charlottesville, Joe Biden claimed only ONE side led to violence. We all know which side he’s referring to.

By making this claim, Joe Biden is essentially defending leftist terror group ANTIFA and siding with their decision to use violence, baseball bats, and even attack reporters. 

Thanks god crazy Uncle Joe is NOT the President.

From TheHill

Former Vice President took aim at President Trump’s comments that “many sides” led to violence at a white supremacist rally Saturday.

“There is only one side. #charlottesville,” Biden tweeted.

Trump had refused to single out the white supremacists who held the rally in Charlottesville, Va. in his condemnation of the violence there. A car struck a crowd of counter-protestors at the rally, leaving one dead.

Two others were killed during the protests after a helicopter crashed. Those victims were Virginia State Police Department officers who were in a hellicopter surveilling clashes below.


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