Jealous Presidential Loser Al Gore Wants to Change the Rules!

Jealous Presidential loser Al Gore is still both upset that he lost and Donald Trump won.

Now he wants to change the rules of Presidential Elections and eliminate the electoral college.

Then what? Highly populated big cities would be all that matter and smaller states would not even get visited.


From NYDailyNews

In 2000, Gore beat George W. Bush by half a million votes, only to watch Bush become the nation’s 43rd President, thanks to the Electoral College. But seeing Donald Trump lose the 2016 election to Hillary Clinton by nearly 3 million popular votes but go onto become our President anyway, may have been the final straw for the former Vice President, who insists the Electoral College has flunked.

“I haven’t always felt that way and even after the 2000 election I didn’t feel that way,” Gore told us at a Whitby Hotel screening of “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power.” “But in recent years I’ve come to feel that it should be abolished.”

President Obama is the only President in this century to have come into office by getting the most votes. Gore understands why the Electoral College was established, but thinks it’s time for the antiquated system to go the way of the musket and powdered wig.

“The founders had a reason for the Electoral College, but I think now we’ve had enough experience with the way it’s operating in the modern world, that we should go to the direct popular election of the President,” he said.


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