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Is China’s Stance on North Korea Two-Faced?

On Friday, after weeks of tension between North Korea and the United States, one of North Korea’s only allies, China issued a statement regarding their standpoint on the potential conflict which is quickly brewing.

China stated through its state-run newspaper that should the United States or South Korea initiate a military strike against North Korea first, that it would side with the DPRK, and would attempt to try and stop us.

Also, China said that if North Korea strikes the United States first, they would remain neutral.

While these comments are not at all anything to celebrate, it’s important to look at China’s history with both countries; specifically, what they stand to lose.

China has a tumultuous relationship with both the Unites States and North Korea, but when weighed against each other, China is benefits far more from a relationship with the U.S.

Although China is a nuclear equipped nation with a powerful military, they do not want war with America, especially as they become embroiled in their own disputes with India; more than likely, if the U.S. were forced to strike North Korea first, China would not come to their aid.

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H/T – PatriotBeat