IDIOT MAYOR of San Jose Sam Liccardo Blames Trump for Thug Anti-Trump Rioters

Yesterday in San Jose swarms of Anti-Trump rioters violently attacked peaceful Trump supporters, waved Mexican flags, burned Trump hats, flags, and showed off Mexican gang signs. This, according to the idiot mayor of San Jose, Sam Liccardo is somehow Donald Trump’s fault.

“At some point Donald Trump needs to take responsibility for the irresponsible behavior of his campaign,” Mayor Sam Liccardo told the Associated Press, praising the city’s police while adding that “we’re all still holding our breath to see the outcome of this dangerous and explosive situation.”

Well Sam, the outcome of the “dangerous and explosive situation” is the nature of the thug rioters have been captured in photos and videos.

The rest of America will now choose whether they want to be part of the violent anti-American left or the “Make America Great Again” Trump movement to put America first.

Watch Mark Dice break it down.

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