HuffPo Blogger Declares All Trump Supporters Deserve to Die

An outrageous blog post where the author fantasized about deaths of President Trump supporters has made its way to liberal rag Huffington Post.

The post was authored by “Chris Cali” who describes himself as a “Writer, Artist, Musician.”

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The post has since been deleted by the leftist publication.

From Free Beacon

The Huffington Post recently deleted a blog post in which the author fantasized about the deaths of Donald Trump supporters.

“Trump Supporters Deserve to Die More Than I Do,” wrote Chris Cali, an artist and musician who has contributed to the Huffington Post since 2014. The post has since been taken down, but survives in archive form.

Here is an excerpt.

Cali complained after Trump dropped the country’s largest non-nuclear bomb on an Islamic State stronghold in Afghanistan, insisting the president was about to throw the world into nuclear war. That was bad, Cali explained, because the nuclear bombs would target major cities instead of the American heartland.

“San Francisco might not be at the top of the target list, but I’m betting it’s higher up than some shithole town in Nebraska,” he wrote. “In fact, the majority of states where Trump supporters continue to wear their red ‘MAGA’ caps and give a solid thumbs up to the putrid dumpster fire of an administration he’s been running so far don’t contain a single town where a ‘radical Islamic terrorist’ would even stop to take a shit in a Walmart bathroom, let alone one that a crazed N. Korean leader would want to nuke into oblivion.”

Cali rejected his fellow liberals who called for compassion towards working-class voters who supported Trump.

“They want you to know how much they hate immigrants and Blacks and Jews and gays and women and trans people in public bathrooms. They want to gloat that this is ‘Trump’s America’ now while wearing a Pepe the Frog t-shirt and that they can’t wait to see you deported or dead,” he wrote.

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