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How Bill Clinton’s FAILED North Korea Deal Led to Today’s Nuclear Mess

As tensions continue to mount between North Korea and the United States, the “blame game” is starting to be played openly, with much of the blame falling on former President Bill Clinton.

In the early 1990’s, Clinton entered into a deal with North Korea, promising his work would stop the development of nuclear weapons, and bring the rogue nation further into the global playing field.

Unfortunately, North Korea had other plans, and before Clinton’s presidency was finished, had violated their agreement.

By allowing North Korea to have access to any nuclear technology, which the country claimed was only for used in the civilian power industry, Clinton and other presidents after him set the stage for what we face today.

Rather than implement the military strikes against the reactors, as was considered by Clinton and his administration, they chose to take the “easy path” in the short-run, as did other presidents like Bush and Obama; by failing to take action, they have placed the United States, our allies, and the rest of the world in grave danger.

As North Korea fell into the hands of the mentally unstable Kim Jong-il, in just under seven years, the threat of nuclear war has increased at an alarming rate, and today we are left with serious decisions as to how the extremely dangerous situation will be handled.

H/T – PatriotBeat