Hillary’s FOREIGN Government Donors Meddled in our Election By Donating to Clinton’s Foundation

Unlike the BOGUS CIA report, this is PROOF of foreign governments meddling in our election.

While running for president, Hillary Clinton took millions from foreign countries that could have easily influenced her decisions as President of the Untied States.

Why did the liberal media virtually ignore this and Hillary’s pay-to-play scams which are PROOF of “foreign involvement” in our elections?

Now, the fake news media is running the Russian conspiracy theory (with zero proof) 24/7 as if it’s FACT.

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Thanks to Wikileaks we also discovered that the Clinton camp was perfectly ok accepting foreign donations directly by way of a “loophole.”

Watch the video:

What Clinton and her camp pulled off is ACTUAL definition of foreign meddling in our elections.

Foreign countries don’t donate millions of dollars out of the kindness of their heart.

They’re always looking for payback.

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