Hillary Loses her FAKE “18 Point Lead” in Latest Bloomberg Poll

Whoopsie, I thought Hillary was “SURGING?”

CNN, isn’t that what you’ve been saying?


So much for the FAKE “Hillary surge.”

My theory is that they decided to fake the polls for her, in hopes that excitement would spread and over the next couple of weeks she’d pick up enough points to take an actual YUGE lead and close the deal.

That did not happen.

Not even close.

Currently, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are in a “statistical tie” in the latest Bloomberg poll.

Hillary led by as much as 18 points just two months ago. Now her lead is down to 3 points ahead of Donald Trump.

Her lead is now 3 points ahead of Donald Trump.

From Sharyl Attkisson:

Is Hillary Clinton squashing Donald Trump into oblivion in the polls? Or is her lead over him perilously shrinking? One thing we know is: there are countless ways to spin a poll. Consider the case of selective reporting on the most recent Bloomberg national poll.

On Aug. 10, Bloomberg reported “Clinton up 6 on Trump in Two Way Race.” But looking at the actual poll, Trump has moved so close to Clinton, the results are within the margin of error.

Notably, in five months, Clinton’s lead over Trump in the Bloomberg poll has shrunk from 18-points to within the margin of error.

In March of 2016, when likely voters were asked to choose between Clinton and Trump “if the election were held today,” Clinton bested Trump 54%-36% (18 percentage points).

In June, with Libertarian Gary Johnson thrown into the mix, Clinton’s lead over Trump was 5 percentage points smaller: 48% to 35% (13 percentage points).

In the most recent poll, the spread between Clinton and Trump in a two-person race was down to just 3 percentage points, Clinton at 45% and Trump at 42%.

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