Hey, Paul Ryan, SHUT THE F*CK UP

The Speaker of The House is a One-man SuperPac for Hillary Clinton

Every time we turn around, nincompoop Paul Ryan is attacking our party’s front-runner, Donald Trump.

The people’s choice.

And I’m pretty damn sick of it.

I’m sick of his elitist attitude.
He’s “Smug Mittens” without the baller cash.

I’m tired of his neocon-globalist hooey.
He cares about so-called refugees and illegals more than Americans.

I’m over his self-entitled arrogance.
This movement is not about you, Sir. It’s about “we the people.”

Paul Ryan is a Yuge Pile of Steaming Douchebaggery


In his latest round of attacks, Ryan is wagging his “Dorky Dad Finger” at Trump for his, “rhetoric about the way government should work.”

Like Paul Ryan knows anything about how “government SHOULD work.”

Cough. Omnibus. Cough.

Quick question: Did Ward Cleaver retire and hand off his “Square-White-Dad Baton” to Paul Ryan?

Sure seems like it.

The Speaker of The House has morphed into America’s Disappointed Dad, complete with “slacks” hiked up to his armpits, pursed lips, and a disappointed brow.

It’s as if he’s in a perpetual state of “peevedom.” I dare you to watch Paul Ryan speak about Trump without feeling as if your own “weekly allowance” is in serious jeopardy.

“Now, now, Mister Trump, is that how a good boy acts, hmm?” 

Imagine if Big Daddy Ryan was this critical of Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton, instead of attacking the people’s choice?

What a wacky thought.

At Ryan’s Thursday press briefing, he was asked if he’d ever rescind his endorsement of Trump.

If I was in that crowd I would’ve screamed out, “WHAT ENDORSEMENT?”

At this point, Trump would get a “warmer endorsement” from a serial killer.

Ryan did not rule out the possibility of rescinding his shitty endorsement, saying, “That’s not my plan. I don’t have a plan to do that.”

No, his “plan” is to continue backstabbing Trump until Hillary wins the White House.

Get with the program.

It’s abundantly clear, based on Speaker Ryans actions, that he can’t honestly or effectively represent the will the people within his party.  I Recently called on Speaker Ryan to step down, however, he’s obviously not willing to do the right thing and abandon his post.

So, today I am calling on Speaker Ryan to be the bigger person – to put his party and his country above his own selfish feelings, and to please just…….


Amy Moreno is a Published Author, Pug Lover & Game of Thrones Nerd. You can follow her on Twitter here.

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