GRAPHIC VIDEO : Did ANTIFA Violence Cause the Tragedy at #Charlottesville?

In the wake of the tragedy at Charlottesville, after Antifa rioters clashed with right-wing protestors, many questions are left unanswered.

The violence that we saw yesterday was not only sickening, it was absolutely preventable.

Lives were lost, and the level of violence and hatred should never have occurred, period.

Many are reporting that Antifa initiated and escalated the violence, something that has occurred every time they have been present for any event.

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Why on earth did city officials allow armed Antifa members to gather with the intent of violently disrupting a peaceful protest?

After witnesses have said that Antifa rioters used mob violence on so many people, including people in their vehicles, it begs the question: did the tragic incident which occurred yesterday happen because the driver was scared?

Regardless, what happened in Charlottesville was an unacceptable and un-American display of intolerance, hatred, and violence; and it cost people their lives.

The leftist Antifa thugs have caused violence and chaos at so many peaceful events, and at this point, their actions are clearly getting worse.

In these videos you can clearly see ANTIFA thugs hitting the vehicle that plowed through the crowd with baseball bats.

Alternate angle

This tragic event should never have happened, but what really caused it?

Was this a case of an angry, crazed lunatic who was out for blood, or was it a scared kid who was being assaulted by a horde of left-wing thugs?

Watch the video:

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