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Graham and Clinton BOND Over their Love of Unconstitutional DACA

DACA, Obama’s illegal and unconstitutional program that granted temporary amnesty and a path to citizenship for nearly 1 million illegals, is set to end, thanks to President Trump.

Ending DACA will free up hundreds of thousands of jobs for hardworking Americans, and restore the rule of law.

However, liberals and globalists are losing their minds.

These are the politicians who are not dedicated to America First: they believe in placing the needs of illegals and refugees above Americans.

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And the two idiots leading this push are none other than Lindsey Graham and Hillary Clinton.

Never forget, the GOP establishment and the Clintons are on the exact same team, working for the same people.

From Washington Times

President Donald Trump is expected to put a halt to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, but only after allowing Congress six months to create a replacement.

And now RINOs are tripping all over themselves to join forces with the Democrats to save young illegals from deportation.

If only Republicans would work so well with Trump — if only they would work as smoothly and cooperatively with Trump as they do, say, Hillary Clinton.

Clinton, in the wake of President Donald Trump’s announced intent to end DACA, stepped forward into the public limelight to rally the troops to fight, fight, fight. And shortly on her heels, Graham said he’d support a “legislative solution” to the DACA matter — meaning, a congressional OK to keep illegals in-country.

Meaning, his views are more in line with Clinton’s than with conservatives who simply want border control.

He’s not alone. Republican Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake have reportedly given the go-ahead to comprehensive amnesty bills for this congressional session. Let the wheeling and dealing — and conservative sell-out — begin.

Here’s Hillary’s tweet: “No time to waste — we’ve got to fight with everything we’ve got to #DefendDACA.”

And now from Graham, his statement on Monday.

“If President Trump chooses to cancel the DACA program and give Congress six months to find a legislative solution,” Graham said, Breitbart reported, “I will be supportive of such a position. I have always believed DACA was a presidential overreach. However, I equally understand the plight of the Dream Act kids who — for all practical purposes — know no other country than America.”

The point: Graham’s thumbprints are already on amnesty. The fact that he’d be willing to work to keep illegals in the country, versus taking the hard political line of booting them out, is hardly a surprise.

But what happened to the clear differences between the two main political parties? Or, the fact that Republicans are supposed to stand for a limited government constrained by a constitutional law and order?

Barack Obama, after all, ushered in DACA by executive order — a scenario Graham himself described as a “presidential overreach.”

So why reward presidential abuses of power with laws that simply rubber-stamp the abuses?

Republicans in Congress have a chance to send a clear and bold message to the executive — to Obama in particular and to future presidents in general — that goes like this: If you overstep constitutional bounds, you will be reeled in and nipped.

But what are RINOs rearing to do instead?

Work with Clinton — work with the left — to come up with a compromise solution that serves as a supposed win-win for all. You know what that means, don’t you?

Republicans are readying to cave to Democratic demands and press forward an amnesty bill. Once again, constituents — no, make that conservatives — will be left in the cold.

Of course, Graham had been part of the original Gang of Eight, the four Democrats and four Republicans who had brought forward amnesty-like legislation in 2013. Voter backlash — particularly over the pathway-to-citzenship portion for in-country illegals — killed the bill in the House.

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