GOP Senator Does the UNTHINKABLE to Gain Trump’s Support

It’s proven that GOP candidates who have the support of President Trump and his followers have a better chance of being elected.

However, THIS is a prime example of someone going way too far to gain Trump’s support.

Massachusettes Republican Senate candidate Geoff Diehl actually went as far to post a fake picture of him and Trump shaking hands.

Diehl used a photoshopped picture in an effort to get a lead on his pro-Trump opponent Shiva Ayyadurai.

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In today’s political arena, the American people demand honesty from our politicians more than ever, and posting doctored pictures is not likely to do this candidate any favors…

From GotNews

Massachusetts Republican Senate candidate Geoff Diehl published a fake picture of him shaking hands with President Donald Trump, an independent tech lab analysis confirms.

Diehl is running against the staunchly pro-Trump Shiva Ayyadurai with the full weight of the GOP establishment behind him.

There’s only one problem: He needs Trump loyalists to vote for him in order to secure his party’s nomination.

On July 8 Diehl published a photo showing him shaking hands with the president.

A close look, however, shows an altered photo with a three-handed Trump.

Diehl angrily defended himself in a Facebook comment:

Frank – here is the photo of the President shaking my hand, despite your candidate being on record as saying “Trump refused.”

These photos come from my Facebook pages, not some unnamed “eye witness.”

Jared, Howie Carr’s producer, took them with my phone.

Dan Strange was the security that checked me, Howie and Jared into the basement of the building, at the direction of Corey Lewandowski.

It is actually sick to see you and your candidate push a bizarre lie.

Oh, and after the handshake, the President was talking to me about important points to talk about as I represented him in MA.

Skeptical GOP operatives requested a forensics report on the odd photo.

TechFusion examined it and found glaring discrepancies about Trump’s mysterious, disembodied third hand:

“There is no doubt that this photograph has been altered to reflect President Trump shaking hands with Geoff Diehl,” the report concluded.

In an unaltered photo, Diehl offers his hand while Trump looks at him with a scowl.

You can read more here.


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