Further Proof That “Trump Riots” Are Staged and Funded by Anti-American Organizations

Sadly, we have watched over the past eight years as our country has been swallowed whole by a looney left-wing ideology reminiscent of de facto communism.

Domestic terror groups such as Occupy Wall St., Black Lives Matter, and New Black Panthers have been afforded legitimacy by a radical and ignorant Obama Administration.

Such groups are funded by billionaire Communist and Democrat supporter George Sorors, who is hell-bent on turning America into a cesspool of hate.

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Soros is also backing the Anti-Trump riots, with their “mass-printed” signs, Craigslist ads, and printed instructions on “How to Riot.”

We as Americans must SOUNDLY REJECT the staged communist take-over attempts on our democracy by delegitimizing domestic terror groups like Black Lives Matter, and send a clear message that we will NOT be bullied by paid aggressors.

Handout’s on how to RIOT.

Pre-made signs. This is not a “grassroots uprising.”

“Hiring” people is not a movement – it’s a paid “acting” job.

Soros Ad

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