Former Presidential Candidate Calls Trump Supporters RACIST for Chanting “USA”

Mitt Romney stooge and failed Utah “ringer” Evan McMullin was offended by what he saw at President Trump’s Nashville rally.

When normal, mentally stable Americans watched the rally, they saw a crowd of patriotic Americans celebrating their country and hope for a better future after an 8-year long progressive choke hold and decades of job-killing globalism.

What mentally disturbed McMullin saw was “White Nationalists” chanting racist rhetoric.

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America First is not racist.

America First is about placing the needs of Americans above all foreign interests, so we can thrive and succeed and ultimately give back to others from a place of prosperity and victory.

Globalism has bled this country dry. Killing jobs, eroding our infrastructure and destroying our inner cities.

Of course, McMullin doesn’t subscribe to that belief.

He is a globalist, and they don’t care about American culture or American values.

And that’s precisely why Evan McMullin is not our president.

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