Florida Newspaper Apologizes to Readers for Anti-Trump Coverage


Who saw this coming?

This is the power of the people in action.

Angry Americans voiced their frustration and forced a biased newspaper to reconsider their bias approach and apologize to readers.

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The newspaper is called the Daily Commercial and here’s what they wrote in an editorial.

The Daily Commercial hasn’t done enough to mitigate the anti-Trump wave in the pages of this paper,” it wrote. “You deserve a more balanced approach to the coverage of elections and other weighty issues.” ”

Why, you may ask, do we feel the need to broach this topic at this late date in the election? Frankly, an uncomfortably sizable number of our readers have been writing and calling to express their dissatisfaction with what they believe is the media’s bias toward Donald Trump, and they are pointed in their criticism of the Daily Commercial, which they believe has gotten swept up in the anti-Trump wave.

We felt we owed you a response.” The paper blamed Trump’s penchant for “saying outlandish things and picking fights with anyone” for part of the distortion in coverage but admitted that, as the election draws closer, the anti-Trump coverage has reached new heights. “Has the media been biased against Trump?

Yes, we believe so, especially lately. Trump’s every utterance, no matter how innocuous, is now parsed, analyzed and criticized by a litany of political pundits. The wire services that the Daily Commercial subscribes to churn out stories almost daily that fact check Trump, which is warranted given his penchant for exaggeration and duplicity. Yet those same services turn out so few stories that fact check Clinton, who also has a strained relationship with the truth”

Glad they took responsibility for their actions and have addressed their readers, who do deserve better.

Would be nice if the rest of our North Korea-style media did the same.

This is a movement – we are the political OUTSIDERS fighting against the FAILED GLOBAL ESTABLISHMENT! 

Join the resistance and help us fight to put America First! 

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