FLASHBACK: Meryl Streep Gave Rapist Roman Polanski a Standing Ovation 2003 Oscars

Well well well… it turns out while Meryl Streep has a problem with the President Elect Donald Trump, she is perfectly fine with Roman Polanski, who as a 43 yr old, RAPED a 13 year old girl. In fact, Streep even gave Polanski a standing ovation.

You can read details about Polanski’s sick crime here.

I guess these are “Liberal Hollywood values” actors abide by. Standing ovation for rapists, and long-winded diatribes against a man looking to put America First. Are you proud of that hypocrisy, Meryl?

From Twitchy

Since we’re talking about Meryl Streep and her use of the Golden Globes to bash President-elect Donald Trump, here’s a reminder that there’s a reason conservatives hate Hollywood. Fast-forward to the 1:10 mark in the clip below to see Streep (and lots of other top names in Hollywood) giving convicted rapist Roman Polanski a standing ovation when he won the Academy Award for Best Director for “The Pianist” in 2003:

Watch additional footage of Meryl Streep DEFENDING Rapist Polanski.

So liberal Hollywood logic is if someone is a good director, they are free to rape underage girls? Sure sounds like it.

Poland’s Supreme Court recently rejected the latest attempt to extradite Polanski to the U.S.



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