Failure Al Gore Claims Trump Does NOTHING But “Tweet”

Liberals are running out of ammunition against President Trump.

Their debunked fake Russia story is not resonating with the American people, no matter how hard they try and spin it with lies and sensationalism.

The fake news pushers can’t talk about the strong economy, strength overseas, lower debt, and more jobs, that would paint President Trump in a realistic good light.

Heaven forbid.

Instead, they trot out idiots like Al Gore, a complete failure, to suggest all Trump gas done thus far is “tweet.”

What a moron.

From Breitbart

Sunday on “CBS Sunday Morning,” former Vice President Al Gore said President Donald Trump was spending every day writing “another set of tweets” and they’re not getting anything done.

Partial transcript as follows:

COWAN: You’ve spent half your life in politics, some of it at the highest levels …

GORE: Second-highest level.

COWAN: Second-highest level. Excuse me, Mr. Vice President, that’s right.  What do you make of this young administration so far?

GORE: Every day it’s another set of tweets and another set of controversies, and they’re not getting anything done.

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