FACTS Trump-Hater Megyn Kelly REFUSE to Discuss Regarding “Open Borders” Judge Curiel

So the controversy whether Trump-hater in Chief Megyn Kelly has evolved into something better after her Fox Special has been solved.

It was just a ratings grab and the Kelly File is back to it’s old 100% biased Trump hate-a-thon ways.

This  current Megyn Kelly line of attack is that Trump is being prejudiced by making the Judge’s ethnicity a part of the issue of why he can not judge him fairly.

However, Megyn’s angle is a deception. 

Trump is not attacking the ethnicity of Judge Curiel on it’s own, but his associations to pro-Latino activist groups.

While the San Diego La Raza Lawyer’s association Gonzalo belongs to is not the same “La Raza” as the National Council of La Raza, they link the National Council of La Raza under “Community” in their website. The National Council of La Raza is openly against Trump.

Now use some common sense here. Why would they link the National Council of La Raza as part of their “community” if they did not share the same general mission and feelings towards Trump?

In addition to their link to the National Council of La Raza, the Daily Caller reports several other PRO-ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT groups, Judge Curiel’s La Raza Lawyers association has been tied to.

Another group linked as part of the SDLRLA’s community is Reality Changers, which provides scholarships to low-income youth, some of which are illegal immigrants. It was previously reported by TheDC that Judge Curiel was on a selection committee that gave a scholarship to an illegal alien.

MANA de San Diego is also listed on the community page of the SDLRLA and likewise to Reality Changers they offer scholarships to illegal immigrant youth. Another group in the “community” is MALDEF. MALDEF previously spearheaded a lawsuit against several colleges for denying admission to illegal aliens.

Alliance San Diego is likewise linked to by the SDLRLA and a recent post on their site is, “Latinos allege excessive policing after Trump protests.” Alliance San Diego has come out strongly in support of Obama’s executive actions providing amnesty.

Another group that SDLRLA considers part of their community is Border Angels. The founder of Border Angels opposed the most recent immigration reform bill, Gang of Eight, because “it is not humane, as it would double the size of the Border Patrol and double the size of the wall.”

San Diego Dream Team is another organization linked to the SDLRLA. The group recently tweeted out their displeasure with deportation raids from the Obama administration. “San Diego will NOT stand for hate, militarization of our communities/separation of families#StopTheHate #HereToStay,” the group wrote on May 27.

The SDLRLA has not returned comment to TheDC’s inquiry of the significance of being featured on the “community” panel.

Previously, Curiel was honored by the SDLRLA for his “leadership and support to the community.”

Considering Donald Trump is the GOP Nominee for President who is running on a platform of building a wall and stopping illegal immigration – how can he possibly be wrong to question if a judge with these pro-open borders associations could be biased? This is just common sense speaking.

Megyn Kelly is also operating at a double standard. Can you even imagine the unhinged outrage if  Barack Obama was in a lawsuit and the judge assigned to him was white and part of a “White Nationalist” group?

Would Megyn Kelly then use the same argument and call Obama prejudiced for questioning if the white nationalist tied judge was fit to preside over his case?  

Of course not.

The fact remains Megyn Kelly is at heart a leftist Social Justice Warrior and will do anything she can to paint Trump in a negative light.

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