Donald Rumsfeld Endorses Donald Trump for President

Donald Rumsfeld endorsed Trump during an interview with Breitbart.

From Breitbart:

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, former Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld gave Donald Trump his endorsement a week before the Republican convention. Even though Rumsfeld voiced personal disagreements with Trump, he says that the choice between Trump and Hillary is still a clear one. breitbart.com reports: Now, do I agree with Mr. Trump—I’ve never met him—do I disagree with him on some things? Sure. I think his comment that President Bush lied about Iraq was so factually wrong, having watched him go up to the Congress and the Democrats supporting him and Colin Powell going to the UN—Colin Powell didn’t lie. He went out and made the case to the world, we shared intelligence with other countries and there was broad agreement. For Mr. Trump to say that was wrong. Now, do I agree with him on other issues of substance and tone? Sure. But my goodness, when you put on a scale the qualifying aspects of Mrs. Clinton and the disagreements—which I expect to disagree with any presidential candidate—on the Trump side, it isn’t even a tough call for me who I would support. I support Trump, and am hopeful that he prevails. I think would be a shame [if Hillary Clinton wins].

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