Dems Will Claim Trump is “Mentally Unstable” But THIS Is Why It Won’t Work!

Just a few days ago, unhinged Democrat Zoe Lofgren introduced a bill into the House of Representatives out of sheer “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” and it’s geared towards removing our president.

This braindead liberal is doing nothing more than providing false hope for legions of OTHER braindead liberals, something the left has continued to do for months.

In desperation to rid themselves of our rightfully elected president, Democrats are hoping to use the 25th Amendment to force President Trump out of office on ground of “mental instability.”

These idiots are so twisted that they are trying to say President Trump has dementia, which is absolutely absurd, especially given the fact that TWO prominent Democrats most certainly ARE suffering from the early onset of dementia: Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters.

These people are literally living in a left-wing fantasy land, and in their fantasy, they’re quick to overlook certain things called FACTS.

The thing is, in the real world, the 25th Amendment doesn’t work like it does in Democrat fantasy land, but they’re too emotional and naive to understand that.

The 25th Amendment is in place specifically to deal with the event of a President who falls into a coma, and is literally unable to read and write, not one who says things that Democrats don’t like.

A simple written declaration is all that’s required by an acting president to undo the 25th Amendment, in the event that it would be enacted; i.e., if a president undergoes surgery and awakens afterwords from the procedure.

As usual, this is just another case of Democrat’s being ignorant of facts and reality, and is nothing worth getting upset about.


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