Dem Lawmaker Has Website that Encourages and Advises White House Leakers

California Democratic congressman Ted Lieu is openly encouraging federal employees inside the White House to leak information to the media and even providing them with an online guide as to how to do so.

The first section of Lieu’s guide (below) attempts to argue that leaking is protected by the 1st amendment and the Whistleblower Protection Act.

However, this seems to be contradicted by the 2nd part of the guide which clearly encourages communications meant to keep the provider of the information anonymous at all costs.

These include “mail without a return address” and “chat apps with end to end encryption.”

If leaking White House secrets is within these rights as they claim, why do they have to advocate these types of communication?

The whole thing looks more like a guide to criminality when you look past the bells and whistles and it is completely disgraceful.

We believe an investigation into Ted Lieu should begin immediately. 



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