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CRAZY!!! Apparently, It’s Against HuffPost Rules to Say Anything Positive About Katrina Pierson

Yesterday, Pablo Manriquez published an Op-Ed piece on the Huffington Post contributor platform entitled “Can Katrina Pierson Save Her #MAGA White House?”

While Pablo is a Democrat, the piece was largely complimentary to Pierson and argued that she would make a strong candidate for Director of Communications.

Then something interesting happened. Many conservative websites began quoting Pablo’s piece and then suddenly. BAM! The piece is GONE.

So what exactly is going on here? Is it against Huffpost rules to say anything positive about Katrina Pierson?

Remember, this is the SAME media outlet that has left up a piece justifying a VIOLENT RESPONSE to Trump.

Amazing, huh?

HuffPost Logic – Ok to advocate a VIOLENT response to Trump, but apparently not ok to say anything positive about Katrina Pierson.