Conspiracy Theorist Schiff Makes ANOTHER WILD and Unproven Claim

Adam Schiff, who has been peddling a FAKE Russia story for MONTHS now, is hardly the guy to be calling anyone a “liar.”

He’s not only been wasting taxpayer time and money on an investigation that has gone nowhere, but he’s also LIED to the American people, and pretended there’s evidence to prove Trump-Russia collision, where there is NONE.

So, when someone like HIM, tries to call decent, honest people like President Trump and Don Jr. “liars,” you really need to consider the source.

From Breitbart

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” ‏Rep. Adam Schiff:(D-CA) addressed the meeting between Donald Trump, Jr., Jared Kushner, then-Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and a Russian attorney.

Schiff said, “Two things, two points he wants to make. First, the president didn’t know and second, even if he did, there’s no crime here. Now, to believe that we have to rely on two things: Don jr.’s representation of what happened that meeting. We have already seen, many times we can’t rely on that. He first said no meeting happened. Then he said it was about adoptions. Then admitted it was about getting information about Hillary Clinton.”

“And then he wasn’t forthcoming about who was in the meeting. We can’t accept what he says about this. We can’t accept what the president says either. If you look at the president’s comments around this time, he announces a speech he’s going to give where he’s going to give the dirt on Hillary Clinton that he then cancels. That would corroborate that Don Jr. didn’t get the information he was hoping for. But of course, it contradicts the idea that he was unaware.”

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