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Clinton Campaign, Aided by CNN and MSNBC, Spin a Web of Lies to Whitewash Hillary’s Health Disaster

Hillary collapsed at the 9-11 ceremony on Sunday in New York City.

The Hillary campaign, along with her pals in the dishonest liberal media are working fast and furious to spin this story.

Law enforcement and other witnesses on the ground say that Hillary collapsed, lost her shoe(s) and was RUSHED “head first” into a van and taken away.

Editor’s update : Video has emerged confirming this.

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Witnesses on the scene also report that Clinton staffers were frantically searching for anyone who may have had video of images of what happened.

CNN waited  to say anything until they realized they HAD to report it because the independent media online was reporting it following Fox News initial report.

When CNN and MSNBC did report they used the campaign “spin” that Hillary was overheated (weather reports indicate it was a mild day with cloud cover).


CNN did not use witness accounts, instead using Hillary press agents, Nick Merril’s bogus spin on the situation.

Witnesses reported seeing Clinton FAINT and lose her shoe(s), yet CNN and MSNBC did not report that as they somberly reported what little (lies) they could get away with, again, acting as a Clinton SuperPAC, not a legit news source.

The “spin job” is complete nonsense and treats the American people like blithering idiots.

If Hillary gets overheated on mild weather days, she has BIG ISSUES, besides that, people who are truly “overheated” do not collapse, lose a shoe, and get tossed into a medical van “head first.”

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