BUSTED! Latest Phony Trump Accuser is a Writer for the Viciously Anti-Trump Huffington Post

Each “Trump accuser” gets more and more ridiculous. This one turns out to be a writer for the viciously ultra-left wing Anti-Trump Huffington Post, that has been acting in the role of Hillary SuperPac from day one.

This is equivalent to if a Pro-Trump SuperPac employee accused Hillary of “touching” him years ago and just happened to decide to do so 3 weeks before the election… REALLY?

GotNews Reports

Latest Trump “fake rape” accuser Karena Virginia is a Huffington Post writer, weird yoga “healer”, and obvious pawn of left-wing media hack Gloria Allred.

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Karena Virginia writes for the left-wing, viciously anti-Trump HuffPo:

Karena Virginia

Could she maybe be anti-Trump too?

Perhaps the famous photo of the Huffington Post’s “Editor’s Meeting” will give you a clue. (Otherwise known as the “BAN MEN FROM EARTH” Club)



Just like every other supposed Trump “fake rape” accuser,Karena Virginia is not a Republican, Independent, or even everyday Democrat, but someone tied to the Democratic Party, Clinton Foundation, Democrat donors, or, in this case, Big Pro-Hillary Media.

What are the chances of that?

Oh, and she “came out” about her “assault” at a press conference organized by left-wing feminist lawyer, Democrat fundraiser, and “hired killer” for Republican campaigns Gloria Allred, who attempted this same campaign-killing stunt with a fake accuser just last week.

What a coincidence!

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