BUSTED! Don’t Believe the Media Lies – The Judge IS Tied to LA RAZA

Our dishonest and bias media is in a feeding frenzy right now

Like sharks during feeding time, the media are attacking buckets of chum like half-crazed lunatics, pushing the false narrative that Trump is somehow “racist” for being concerned that a Hispanic judge who is a proud member of a pro-illegals, anti-American hate group, La Raza, may be biased against a pro-American, anti-illegal, wall-building presidential candidate.

Gee, that’s so far-fetched. How “RACIST” of Trump to connect those totally whacky dots.

The issue with the media spin is that its 100% incorrect. However, like all Social Justice Warriors, our media believes if they SHOUT LOUDEST they win.

The truth: The good judge is biased and HE IS tied to a HATE GROUP called LA Raza.

The organization he is part of, La Raza Lawyers, links several Pro-Illegal Immigrant groups on the COMMUNITY section of  its website including the National Counsel of La Raza.


This is what is wrong with the media – and it’s a mistake that they continue to make – they ignore the common sense story in lieu of the hysterical headline.

It’s a ratings game.

It’s an agenda game.

But make no mistake, it’s a game.

A game designed to drive and control the narrative by creating a “story” out of nothing in order to attract more eyeballs, get higher ratings, and earn more revenue.

A perfect example of this would be idiot and “fake conservative” Morning Joe. He uses the goofy “calm/Dad” approach to fuel his brand of hysteria.

He really works that “concerned Dad Squint,” and speaks into the camera with a “Son, we need to talk” tone.

It’s utter BS.

This approach repeatedly backfires, so why does the media continue down this path to nowhere?

Mainly because it’s all they know.  However, there’s a part of the media which still hopes that “this may be the ONE story” that brings down Donald Trump – which is why they approach each so-called “scandalous story” with a killer “shark tank” fervor.

Meanwhile, Bill Clinton is accused of rape, groping, and sexual assault. He’s jetted around on a flying whore house owned by a convicted sex offender 26 times. Hillary is accused of bullying his rape victims into silence, she’s treated Americas security like a joke, has lied repeatedly to Americans, and the Clinton Foundation is a personal piggy-bank for two entitled crooks who are never held accountable for their actions.

Boring! That stuff isn’t “ratings gold” for globalists who want to see the Clinton’s succeed.

But never mind all that factual stuff, because Trump is a “RACIST” simply because he fears that a judge may have predisposed opinions based on the judge’s ties to a vile group with predisposed opinions.

No wonder the American public hates the media.

Amy Moreno is a Published Author, Pug Lover & Game of Thrones Nerd. You can follow her on Twitter here.

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