BREAKING : Wikileaks Reveals CIA Using Samsung TV’s as Weapons to Spy on Americans

Before you plug in your Samsung Smart TV, you may want to mind your manners and refrain from saying anything the CIA may be interested in.

A Wikileaks bombshell report shows the CIA has developed malware that allows them to turn your Samsung Smart TV into their own personal listening device.

Ain’t our government grand?

From Telegraph.co.uk

The CIA and MI5 worked together developing viruses designed to turn Samsung smart TVs into household bugs, recording audio and sending data to covert computer servers, according to a new cache of leaked intelligence documents published by Wikileaks.

The group claims it is the largest ever release of CIA files.

Among the 8,761 documents of the “Vault 7” leak are papers describing “weaponised” malware directed at iPhone and Android users, designed to bypass encryption used by popular apps such as Confide.

Wikileaks claims a programme called Weeping Angel was developed to infect Samsung TVs. It sent the television into a fake ‘off’ mode, recording conversations in the room and sending them to a CIA server.

In all, the documents suggest the agency created more than 1,000 viruses, Trojans and other types of malware, often disguised as the work of foreign organisations.

It also accuses the US government of failing to abide by its commitment to tell technology companies of any identified vulnerabilities, instead “hoarding weaknesses for use by spy agencies.

Wikileaks said some of the most damaging elements of the programme were unclassified so that applications could be legally spread around the Internet.

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