BREAKING VIDEO : CNN’s Don Lemon Orders Audience to IGNORE “Obama Spying” News

The fake garbage coming out of CNN is reaching extraordinary levels.

Now, they’re telling viewers to “IGNORE” actual news.

The biased and deceptive liberal media are so desperate to push their progressive anti-trump agenda, that they’re burying actual news stories and pushing wild fake garbage like the laughable Trump/Russia narrative.

CNN’s Don Lemon actually ordered viewers to ignore the Susan Rice bombshell, and all “Obama spying” news, claiming it’s not “legit,” and he will not insult his viewers by discussing it.

This has now gone from fake news, to “dangerous fake news.”

CNN is a propaganda arm of the left wing.

Watch the video:

This idiot Lemon claims there’s NO PROOF to Trump’s claims.

Whoops, wrong.

There is proof – plenty of proof, actually.

Devin Nunes disclosed the proof, and then Trump invited everyone and their brother to the White House to review it.

Thus far, not one person (even anti-trump zealots like Adam Schiff) have come out and said the evidence presented is questionable.


However, the same cannot be said about the fake news Russia probe, right, Donny-boy?

Remember when CNN’s Chis Cuomo lied and told viewers reading Wikileaks emails was “AGAINST THE LAW?”

Clowns, all of ’em.

CNN is a joke, and the people who watch it need to have their heads examined.

Amy Moreno is a Published Author, Pug Lover & Game of Thrones Nerd. You can reach her on Facebook here.


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