BREAKING : Trump Unleashed 40 Airstrikes in Yemen Over the Past 5 Days

True to his promise, President Trump is making the bad guys pay.


President Trump is not afraid to use our mighty military and has unleashed 40 airstrikes against terror targets in Yemen over the past 5 days.


From Breaking 911

After a week of punishing air strikes loosed on al Qaeda in Yemen that saw 40 targets go up in flame and smoke, American pilots took a breather the past two nights, watching the dust settle.

The week-long blitz in Yemen eclipsed the annual bombing total for any year during Obama’s presidency. Under the previous administration, approval for strikes came only after often slow-moving policy discussions, with senior officials required to sign off on any action, while the Trump administration has proven much quicker at greenlighting attacks.

More broadly, the expanded bombing in Yemen signals a more aggressive use of military force by the Trump administration against Islamist militants, from Syria to Afghanistan. The White House already has approved the deployment of Marines and special operations forces to Syria and a large-scale commando raid in Yemen, and on Thursday a top commander suggested more troops are headed to Afghanistan.

President Trump’s readiness to order military action stands in contrast to the previous administration. When Obama’s national security advisor Susan Rice ran the policy making process, “stuff moved like molasses through the National Security Council,” much to the frustration of military planners at U.S. Central Command, a former senior defense official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told FP. The inter-agency discussions allowed plans to languish for weeks while debates swirled over when and how to act.

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