BREAKING : Trump Eyes Executive Order Declaring Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist Organization

President Trump is considering an executive order that would direct the secretary of state to designate the Muslim Brotherhood a foreign terrorist organization.

The Muslim Brotherhood are close pals of Clinton and Obama.

As a matter of fact, many Muslim Brotherhood members worked within the Obama Administration.

Barack Obama spent his presidency cultivating Islamists from the international Muslim Brotherhood and its affiliates in the United States.

Obama even had instructional materials for training government agents purged of any references to Islamic terms that illuminate the nexus between Muslim doctrine and jihadist terror.

Hillary’s closest confidant and aide, Huma Abedin was closely tied to the terrorist group, and as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton bent over backward to legitimize the Muslim Brotherhood.

The “terror organization” designation has been sought by Egypt and the United Arab Emirates.

H/T – The Failing New York Times.

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