Trump Considering a Brilliant Strategy to Still Pass Obamacare Repeal!

When you hear the term “4-D Chess” applied to President Trump, this is exactly what people mean.

Trump and his administration are considering the option to appoint Democratic Senator Joe Manchin, of West Virginia, as the new Energy Department secretary.

This is a brilliant plan that would possibly strengthen the GOP’s majority in the Senate, allowing for another vote on the health care bill.

By moving the current Energy secretary, Rick Perry, to the position of Homeland Security secretary, Trump would be free to appoint Manchin to the Energy Department.

This, in turn, would allow West Virginia Governor Jim Justice, who recently switched from Democrat to Republican himself, to appoint a Republican to take Manchin’s place in the Senate.

Such a move would give the GOP another vote in the Senate, and would be a huge push in the right direction toward actually accomplishing something on the healthcare vote, which has been stalled due to a few feckless “Republicans” and Democrat obstructionists.

This not only highlights President Trump’s keen ability to handle problems and solve them creatively, but his willingness to work with members of the opposite party; and is yet another example of why our “America First” president is doing such a great job.

From The Hill

White House and Republican officials are floating the possibility of appointing Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin (W.Va.) as Energy secretary, Bloomberg reported Friday.

Manchin was reportedly considered for the job after Trump’s election in November, but Trump eventually nominated former Texas Gov. Rick Perry to the post.

Jonathan Kott, a spokesman for Manchin, told Bloomberg that the West Virginia Democrat hasn’t been in talks for the job and did not say whether Manchin would take the job if offered to him.

“Senator Manchin has not had any recent conversations with the Administration about the Secretary of Energy position. He remains committed to serving the people of West Virginia,” Kott said.

If Manchin were to take over at the Energy Department, West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice, a former Democrat who earlier this month switched to the GOP, would be able to appoint a Republican to replace Manchin in the Senate.

Such a move would expand the GOP’s majority in the chamber, potentially boosting Republicans’ efforts to repeal and replace ObamaCare. A repeal and replace bill failed by one vote last month after three Republicans voted against it.

Perry, the current Energy secretary, has also been floated as a possible replacement for former Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly. Kelly became President Trump’s chief of staff in July.

The Trump administration has said revitalizing American fossil fuel industries, including West Virginia’s dwindling coal sector, is a key goal. Under Perry, the Energy Department is conducting a study of the reliability of the electric grid, which some green advocates worry is a way to advance coal and natural gas over renewable sources.

But the Energy Department’s portfolio is less focused on energy production than other agencies, such as the Department of Interior. The Energy Department’s main tasks include overseeing the national laboratories system, conducting research and development, and maintaining the nation’s arsenal of nuclear weapons.


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