BREAKING : TRAITOR McMaster is Taking Advice from Susan Rice

General McMaster is taking advice from ex-Obama advisor Susan Rice.

Upon his hire, Rice wrote a congratulatory note to McMaster on Twitter, urging him to purge Trump loyalists.

From WashingtonTimes

Former Obama national security adviser Susan E. Rice on Monday urged her new counterpart in the Trump White House, Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, to get rid of a national security wing led by presidential strategist Stephen Bannon.

“Hope you will be able to choose your team, have direct reporting and daily access to POTUS, and can eliminate Strategic Initiatives Group,” Ms. Rice wrote in a congratulatory note to Lt. Gen. McMaster on Twitter.

The Strategic Initiatives Group is a layer of the White House National Security Council that’s led by Mr. Bannon.

Fast forward to today. A bombshell report has now revealed McMaster went out of his way to let Susan Rice keep her security clearance.

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Why is McMaster choosing to help Susan Rice instead of President Trump?

And guess what McMaster has been doing? Following her exact advice – firing Trump loyalists while protecting Obama loyalist holdovers.

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