BREAKING : SECOND Special Counsel called to Investigate Clinton, Comey, Lynch!

After months of attacks on President Trump by Democrats, it appears that the tables are turning against the left.

A second “Special Counsel” has been called for, but this one has been called upon to investigate into James Comey, Loretta Lynch, and Hillary Clinton herself.

At this point, the brazen criminal behavior of these three establishment elites has become so egregious, even many Democrats are fed up with it, and now, they may be held accountable for their crimes.

At the very least, this should serve to kill the momentum of the Democrats, who have been on the attack against our president, his administration, and his family, since the inauguration.

The Democrats have been on the offensive, working in lock-step against President Trump, and this could be the chance (in tandem with other recent DNC scandals) to force the left to play defense.

No one is sure yet what, if anything, will come from this, especially given the Democrats’ ability to worm their way out of almost any situation, but it certainly could level the playing field and serve to stop the relentless attacks against President Trump…


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