BREAKING : Rumors Swirling That Ted Cruz Will Endorse Trump on Monday

Ted Cruz, who faced political backlash and devastation, after refusing to endorse Trump while speaking at the GOP convention, has reportedly had a change of heart.

Rumors are swirling that Cruz will endorse Trump on Monday, just ahead of the first presidential debate.

From the Right Scoop:

Sources close to the Trump campaign have confirmed Cruz is close to endorsing his former — and sometimes bitter — GOP rival. Talks between Cruz staff and the Trump camp have been regular in recent weeks, and have grown more serious as Trump has closed the gap with Hillary Clinton in key battleground states.

In recent weeks, signs began to build that Cruz was doing real harm to his own political career with his reticence to get behind Trump.

Those with knowledge of the ongoing discussion say logistics of the endorsement are still being discussed but that it could happen as early as Monday, ahead of the first presidential debate. Those sources noted that Cruz has become seriously concerned about the long-term threats to the Constitution and conservative priorities should Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton win the White House.

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