BREAKING : Rapper Who Threatened to Assassinate Trump had his Album Pulled From Walmart

Out of shape, ignorant “rapper” Rick Ross found himself in hot water after he wrote a song about assassinating President-elect Donald Trump.


Thanks to Mark Dice, who called up the megastore to advise them of Rick Ross and his threats, Walmart reportedly gave the order to remove the album from it’s stores according Billboard.com.

From Billboard:

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Walmart has allegedly stopped selling Rick Ross’ latest album, Black Market, due to a lyric about assassinating Donald Trump, according to reports on several websites, including XXL and AllHipHop.

Rick Ross Breaks Down ‘Black Market’ Track-By-Track

In the lyric, from the song “Free Enterprise,” he raps, “Assassinate Trump like I’m Zimmerman / Now accept these words as they came from Eminem.”

Black Market is currently not available on Walmart’s website. Neither Walmart nor representatives for Ross have responded to Billboard’s request for comment.

A writer named Mark Dice claims that Walmart removed the album from its inventory after he contacted the company about the lyric. He says that his complaint was also sent to other major retailers, including Amazon, Target and iTunes. At the time of publication, the album is still available on all three outlets’ websites.

“Walmart has apparently pulled Rick Ross’s new album Black Market after media analyst Mark Dice called them to bring to their awareness that the first track on the album “Free Enterprise” calls for the assassination of Donald Trump,” reads a caption to a recent video on Dice’s YouTube channel.

These idiots are going to learn the hard way that they can’t get away with this bullying, violent BS anymore.

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