BREAKING : “Bow Wow” Deletes Disgraceful Tweet Threatening First Lady Melania Trump

The cowardly rapper, Shad Moss, who goes by the dopey name “Bow Wow” deleted a vile and sexist tweet that threatened the First Lady of the United States.

Bow Wow rushed to the aid of his aging rapper “uncle” Snoop Dogg, after President Trump slammed the failing rapper for “assassinating” him in a crappy new music video.

The pint-sized Bow Wow threatened to “pimp out” Melania Trump.

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The Tweet has now been deleted, however, Bow Wow has yet to issue an apology.


From Washington Times

Rapper Shad Moss, better known by his stage name Bow Wow, has deleted a highly charged tweet that threatened to “pimp” first lady Melania Trump.

Bow Wow, formerly Lil’ Bow Wow, made the comment Wednesday after President Trump criticized Snoop Dogg for a new music video featuring a mock assassination of a clown dressed as Mr. Trump.

“Ayo @realDonaldTrump shut your punk a— up talking s—t about my uncle @SnoopDogg before we pimp your wife and make her work for us,” Bow Wow tweeted for his 3.19 million followers.

Within 24 hours, the tweet was deleted, but Bob Wow has yet to issue an apology.

The controversial tweet came after the president responded to Snoop Dogg’s “Lavender,” which shows the rapper pointing a toy gun at a clown dressed as Mr. Trump and pulling the trigger, causing a “BANG” flag to shoot from the barrel.

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