BREAKING : Michelle Obama’s Lunch Program Connected to Indicted Criminal

Well, this is ironic in so many ways.

David Binkle, a Los Angeles food services director, was invited a while back to the White House by Michelle Obama to share his tips for getting kids to eat healthy.

Now, Binkle has been indicted for stealing $65,000 in public funds.

Good lord…as if Michelle Obama’s school lunches couldn’t be any worse.

Binkle’s arrest actually makes a lot of sense, considering anyone who could peddle such a disastrous policy to the White House must be a con artist, and it was only a matter of time until it caught up with him.

From Free Beacon

David Binkle, a chef who served as the director of food services for Los Angeles Unified School District until he was fired in 2015, was charged last week with multiple counts of embezzlement, misappropriation of public funds, conflict of interest, forgery, and perjury, the L.A. Times reported.

In 2014, Binkle traveled to the White House for a nutrition roundtable with Mrs. Obama.

Binkle bragged that he had replaced chicken nuggets with edamame in L.A. schools.

He posted as a guest blogger on Mrs. Obama’s Let’s Move website, and thanked the former first lady for pushing uniform standards in school cafeterias that cut sodium and mandated whole grains.

A year later an inspector general investigation accused Binkle of misappropriating school funds, and he was removed from his job.

Binkle now faces charges of siphoning $65,000 off school lunch program funding into his private culinary consulting firm and a personal bank account, the L.A. Times reported. As food services director he earned a $152,000 salary.

On the Let’s Move website in May 2014, Binkle bemoaned the life of elite millionaires living in Los Angeles.

“The city of Los Angeles is known all around the world for Hollywood, Beverly Hills, celebrities as well as glitz and glamour,” he wrote.

“There are more than 125,000 millionaires and more than 20 billionaires in this city I now call home. But the reality is there is still a big discrepancy in quality of life between the elite and the majority of students I serve as food services director at Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), the second largest school district in the country.”

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