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BREAKING : Megyn Kelly Thinks She’s The Next “OPRAH WINFREY”

Former Fox News talent and anti-Trump diva Megyn Kelly wants to move away from “hard-hitting news.”

She’s looking to use her new NBC show to inspire people and help others the way Oprah did.

One problem: Megyn Kelly is about as likable as a 48-hour flu.

From Washington Free Beacon

A source toldPage Six on Thursday that Kelly is looking to move her new show in a different direction from “combative interviewing.”

“There was a lot of tough news to report on her show at Fox News. A lot of combative interviewing, going after people. Doing that every night was difficult. Megyn feels she has more to offer,” the source said.

The source added that Kelly will host “real people” and “celebrities” on her NBC show.

“She wants to help people the way Oprah did, and do something more positive. She’ll be focusing on issues and bringing in real people as well as celebrities,” the source continued. “Plus, she has a sense of humor and she wants to use that.”

Kelly signed a deal with NBC in January worth between $12 million and $15 million. But she is still under contract with Fox until July 1, so she cannot sit in production meetings for the NBC show.

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